To budget or not to budget, Part I

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Part I - The value of projections and budgeting

Let's get this out of the way immediately. You will not be accurate with every budget or projection. It's just that the more you do it. The better you will get at it. The happier you and your team will be with the result.

While digital spending has drastically increased in the last ten years, direct marketing has time and again proven itself valuable as one of a significant set of tools to achieve communication and ultimately sales goals.

Attached is a topline budget for trade shows and events. From trade show display and graphic design to direct show or event costs. If you need something with more detail contact me and we can email you a more granular budget example.

Many companies use an array of marketing and sales tools to grow sales. Making these channels "synchronous" is every marketing directors goal. With clear consistent messaging across your various channels the often-overwhelmed customer may actually "get you". Over time this should translate into growth. 

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